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You can hear it in the crunch. You can feel it in the bite. The world’s crunchiest apple, "Jazz™" (Scifresh) is being grown by selected master orchardists in twelve countries across the globe. Finally, year-round, apple fans can find an apple that delivers the bite and tangy-sweet zing of a just picked orchard apple all year round.

Jazz™ (variety name Scifresh) emerges from a fertile collaboration between apple marketer ENZA, orchardists, and New Zealand Plant and Food Research who run the world’s leading apple breeding programme. A team led by Allan White worked to produce an apple with the world’s best texture and flavour while retaining satisfying juiciness and enticing colour.

So what makes Jazz™ so good?
CRUNCH – Jazz™ is the loudest apple on record.* Feel the Bite! Every chomp brings satisfaction to the ears.
– This is one handsome apple. It’s quality radiates from the shelf without the need for beauty aids.
– First time eaters stop in their tracks after tasting the tangy-sweet bite of a Jazz™ apple and savouring the lingering, lucious aftertaste!
– More acid than sugar, the tangy-sweet, juicy crunch, cleanses and refreshes the pallet and sharpens the mind.
– Jazz™ is the perfect size for a satisfying fruit snack. Not too big, not too small. No waste - just taste.
– Dense and firm, Jazz™ stays harder for longer. Put it in the fridge, on a kitchen bench or in a lunch box and watch it stay delicious and tempting for weeks.**

Whenever the globetrotting Jazz™ taste team hits the streets apple munchers taste one slice of Jazz™ and are instantly converted. Many a foodie has been stopped in their tracks, turned on their heels and drawn back to find out more about the Jazz™ apple sensation.

Children love Jazz™ and drag their parents back to get more Jazz™ after the first taste. Processed food and refined sugars don’t stand a chance when faced with a perfect sized, tangy-sweet, juicy Jazz™ apple. The kid’s enthusiasm for Jazz™ brought to life JAZZ-E-Crunch and his energy, integrity and take a bite out of life attitude.

Great things take time and Jazz™ apples are no exception. From the start of the breeding programme in 1984 it took 18 years until the first small volume of Jazz™ hit the stores (and this was regarded as an accelerated programme!). Since then production has exploded to try and keep up with demand and Jazz™ is available year round in many markets.

Still a relatively new apple, hundreds of millions of Jazz™ apples have already been sold in New Zealand, Australia, North America, South America, South East Asia, Europe and the UK. Jazz™ is on its way to becoming a household name available year round, world wide!


* Dr Jason Johnston, Plant & Food Research, Auckland; "Apple Texture: understanding juiciness, crispness, and firmness using novel instrumental and sensory approaches."

** ENZA recommends apples are stored in the fridge until 1–2 days prior to consumption.